Saturday, June 5, 2010

Man of the Year?!!!

Hey guys, I just got the greatest idea! How about if...
we try to get James Callis as MAN OF THE YEAR in Time Magazine?!!!

I mean this would be totally awesome! Let's get our voices out there! If you're good at graphics, let's do some graphics! If you're good at poetry, do poetry! If you're good at fan fiction.. well you get the point. (If you're good at nothing, please don't do anything or the project might fail...)

Some reasons why James should be man of the year:

-Smoking. In the face of much oppression, James has been gallantly smoking throughout the 90's and 2000's, in a changing world, he keeps his lifestyle. It's his decision. He is.. independent man. (Possibly even Marlboro man.)

-Donuts. I can't even eat two donuts without feeling sick but if James can eat "lots of donuts" or even "eat donuts all day", then that would mean he can battle nausea and just drudge on. He believes in something, he does that, he doesn't give up, even if he gains weight. My knight in white frosted armor!

-Fashion icon. He makes totally daring fashion choices. Not always good ones, but DARING ones. Whether it's trucker chic or boy next door shirt, he'll be the one to go there first.

-Hope. His character on BSG reminds us that you can have lots of random sex, betray, be selfish and arrogant and yet you may be saved and garner much respect. I can't tell you how inspirational I find this!!!

-He's totally sexy. Need I say more?

-He can act, write, direct, ride horses, act with snakes, play guitar and piano to a performance level... what can't he do?

-Adolf Hitler was man of the year, and so was Joseph Stalin (TWICE), so I'll be really offended if James doesn't make it! He's at least as influential, but in a good way! (in my life at any rate)

If we can't get Man of the year, let's also try to get Mane of the year. That's one category where he's certain to win, EVERY year! Look at that luscious mane!

So show your fan art, I've posted mine above. Too bad I only have Paint, but I must say, it comes pretty close to looking like a real Time cover!

Man(e) of the year! Man(e) of the year! Goooo James!!!


Wesoly said...

LOL! Perfect screen cap for "Man(e) of the Year!"

I'll try to work on some images.


So funny!

Nicole Anell said...


I love this post.

Deniselle said...

Heee! Glad you liked it Nicole, since you were the one who linked me to the original weirdfest.

M, any images so far? ;)

Nicole, I trust you'll make a big campgain in your LJ? :D With picspams and vids? Let's get our creativity rolling!

I have a suggestion for a theme song:
The man who never feared
Who always persevered
Whose reputation no ill will
or scandal ever smeared

Who always stood so firm
And never tried to squirm
Who always morally shone above
the other men of his...
(hmm.. girth?)

He's the maaaan with no feeeeaaar!
He's the maaan, the maaan of the yeaaaaaar!

Robyn E. Kenealy said...

I've been writing since 8 am, and it's now ten thirty pm, so I finally rewarded myself with a quick trip to the internet. I made the right choice: "he's at least as influential as (Stalin and Hitler), but in a good way" was pretty much funny enough to make me forget about spending over twelve hours in the university library. Awesome.

I wish I has some art, but I'm afraid the only image I can offer you is the humble Balter/Zarek election poster I made when watching the show:

Deniselle said...

Robyn: LOL!!!! :D :D Very Baltar!

(This is actually a parody of a real fandom doing this. Have you seen it? It's.. strange.)

Robyn E. Kenealy said...

No! I need links! Stat!

Actually, at the moment, I've really been getting into Fan Art that People Mock, which, in turn, develop huge amounts of fan art and reference cos of their love-hatedom - like 'My Immortal', the Harry Potter fanfic & this comic 'How I Became Yours' which is a OTP fanfic for a show I have never seen (called 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', apparently.) So I'm sure I could appreciate this Man of the Year in a similar spirit.

Deniselle said...

Hee, I loved "My Immortal"! I especially loved the bit where it was like..

It was... Dumbledore!!"
That was soo.. :D :D :D

Well, if you want to know more about this man of the year thing, blame yourself! :D

Robyn E. Kenealy said...

Who the hell is Craig Horner? Oh, wait, never mind.
And I wouldn't have had to do that google search if he was MAN OF THE YEAR!

It was an interesting argument, though. I'm trying to think of any time or person in history for which it actually was true, that the service to the nation though art was such that they become... kind of a hero. I could believe it of some satirists - Chaplin, maybe. You know, for 'The Great Dictator.'