Monday, June 28, 2010

James Callis on Eureka: Photos of Episode 1!

Photo by Eike Schroter.

We have promo photos of the first episode of Eureka, season 4! See what it looks like HERE.

OK, so I'm a bit confused. James is obviously dressed in period garb, something 40's or 50's perhaps? But then if it is the Founders' Day, are they all dressed in period garb in a kind of fancy dress thing? Or are they transported back in time? SyFy is being very tight-lipped about things, so we've got no real spoilers other than that James is an "ex-inhabitant" whose return is "cause for concern". Hmmmmm. I'm very curious about this.

He looks pretty sad or sensitive in the pictures. So maybe we have an old-timey gentleman who's polite, kind and calm, and underneath a little sad? But then James' eyes easily do that "sad puppy dog" thing when he's showing emotion, so we'll see. I like the way he looks in the role so far - not overly aggressive or arrogant, more like a kind and gentle guy. But we'll see.

Either way, he looks SO handsome in this kind of clothing. English (??) gentleman! I love the vest. I may well have a vested interest in this role, heh heh. OK, it's not a very good pun, and some people are calling it a "waistcoat" rather than a vest, so I don't even know if I got the terminology right. In a way, I also hate the vest, because it covers his belly and it's hard to make out what he has underneath there. There's some rise in the middle, so it's not all flat or anything... *takes out microscope* Hmmm... OK, I just hope there's a science-induced wind that causes for all of their clothes to fly off, or become invisible, or something like that, in a future episode.

Also: Hat Man!!!
Also also: Smoking fetish!
Also also also: Still not sure on the hairdo. But the hair looks full and luscious, like it's just waiting to spring out of that do. And that I Love.

Eureka season 4 premieres on July 9th. (Why do I feel like I'm doing an ad for the show?)

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Nicole Anell said...

Squeeeeeeeee, kind-eyes James. And smoking James.